What is the Official Capital One 2019 Data Breach Site?

Capital One’s 2019 data breach involving “about 140,000 Social Security numbers” is an evolving news story. Capital One has created a section of their official website to provide consumers with information, but it isn’t easy to find.

Here is Capital One’s official “site” for this data breach (it’s two pages on their main site): https://www.capitalone.com/facts2019/

Like we saw with Equifax’s 2017 breach, expect a large amount of scam and phishing sites to pop up imitating Capital One’s official site. Do not enter your personal information into any site you cannot verify is secure and operated by Capital One!

How can I tell if my personal information was compromised?

Capital One has stated they will contact impacted customers directly. It is unclear if they will make available a tool to check if your SSN was leaked, like Equifax did in 2017. More information is available on their official FAQ page.


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