3D Printed Wall-Mount Toothbrush Holder

There are many items in the average bathroom that could be improved upon. In this instance, I discovered my ceramic toothbrush holder to be pooling water internally and was quite hard to clean.3d_printed_toothbrush_holder_render

This is probably a classic instance of over-engineering, but over-engineering is what I do best. I designed this plastic wall-mount toothbrush holder in SolidWorks and printed it on Laboratory B‘s SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX in white ABS. With no enclosed spaces to pool water in, this design promises to be much more sanitary and quite easy to clean every surface. Hand resurfacing with acetone proved effective to seal the infill from any water penetration. In addition, the chemical treatment left the surface smooth and shiny.

I will upload the STL file for this print soon! WordPress typically restricts STL uploads so I will have to adjust that setting first.

3D Printed Toothbrush Holder